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Bellewoods EC

There are lots of different hues of grey as well and you can play with that when decorating your home. Although grey is more of a static color, you can add dynamism to a room by using different shades. A grey living room would look both formal and stylish. It never goes wrong~

Who: Family

Home: A 3 Room High Ceiling EC in Woodlands Cost: $15,000 inclusive of Home modification, Hacking, Ceiling, Vinyl Flooring, Carpentry, Electrical Work , Plumbing Work , Painting Theme: Minimalist Renovated Area: Kitchen, Living Room, Service Yard, Master Bedroom, Common Bedroom 1 and 2



Master Bedroom

Vinyl Flooring changed

Bedframe with headboard and suspended drawers

More shelves and closet rods are installed internally for all wardrobes

Hacking of wall behind the door to create more space

Hacking of wall to create entrance

Common Rooms

Fill up the empty space above the wardrobe with carpentry


Reconstruct Top Kitchen Cabinets as owner changed the Cooker Hood

Installation of new oven in progress

Kitchen Toilet was changed to service yard for washing machine

Removal of toilet bowl, shower screen and doors

Replacing of actual tiles on affected areas

Living Room

Half Height Shoe Cabinet

Suspended TV console