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What's the hardest thing about building homes?

Home renovation is an important part in a person’s life. There comes that time when it is absolutely necessary to renovate the entire home or just the kitchen. When renovating, there are some parts that are more challenging than others. therefore there is the need to identify these areas so that one can adequately prepare for them. What is the most important part of home renovation? This question can be adequately addressed by considering the following areas:

The bathroom Bathroom renovations are one of the most important aspect of a home renovation. There are various areas that will need a lot of work to have them replaced. The plumbing work that is involved in connecting the faucets and the pipes requires a lot of labor and takes a lot of time.

Next, if you can't live with boring and bland floor and wall tiles , they can either be removed by hacking or overlay. Hacking is definitely costly so most of us will go with the latter. Tiles can cost as high as $10 per square feet for really fanciful ones. You'll be cracking your head over your renovation budget over design VS practicality.

Solid surface top and vanity storage are the additional jigsaw puzzles for complete perfection. Most newly-built BTO bathrooms are small although they come with the basic necessities such as basin with taps, shower accessories and a toilet bowl. These additions might limit the space to roam around your bathroom freely after a tiring day of work.

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The kitchen The kitchen is another vital area in home renovations. One of the things about a kitchen is that you cannot do without it. A home renovation that excludes the kitchen is incomplete and a kitchen might cost more than most parts of renovation.

Let's talk about storage spaces. An open kitchen concept with a bar counter is indeed attractive! For budgeting factors, you have to think about the cost for hacking and dismantle, built-in carpentry, cement bases for your appliances, cooker hood and hob, flooring and many other more. All kitchen cabinets are recommended to have a countertop for your breaking and cracking in a kitchen.

Listing 3 commonly used counter tops are Solid Surface, Quartz and Granite.

Solid Surface

Solid-surface is the term for a type of heavy polymer-laden countertop material. Due to brand competition, it is a lower priced and popular material


"Quartz" is the catchy marketing term for what is more widely known as engineered stone, itself a term for a slurry of natural minerals combined with resins to create a hard, rock-like surface for countertops. Think of it as less fake than solid surface but more fake than slab granite


Real 100% granite quarried directly from the earth and sliced into slabs. Nothing is added, nothing taken out.

Appearance and Feel

Solid Surface

Uniform, with a matte-like look. Solid surface can be buffed to a glossy sheen but manufacturers do not recommend this as it shows scratches immediately


Lustrous, deep, three-dimensional. Surface can be honed to a gloss, if desired. Homogeneous appearance.


Lustrous, rich, and crystalline. Can be honed to a gloss. Attractively chaotic appearance, in sharp contrast to quartz countertop's homogeneous look.

Installation and Cost

Solid Surface and QuartzSlab do not need any sealing except Granite.

Solid Surface : Can scratch and scorch (though scratches can be sanded out).

Quartz : Hard, but can scorch.

Granite : Hard, but can crack. Will absorb stains if not sealed properly

Lowest cost to Highest cost starts with Solid Surface, Quartz and Granite.

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Hope this serves as a good piece of article to prep your basic knowledge on home renovation! Stay tune for our next update!

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